The Wonder of Combining Usui Reiki Tradition with Crystals and Sound​
I am a Usui Reiki Master. I am a Certified Crystal Energy Healer. My most important and satisfying role, however, is as a HEALER. 

I am a Usui Reiki Master.

I am a Certified Crystal Energy Healer.

My most important and satisfying role, however, is as a HEALER.

You will benefit from the soothing results that I will help you achieve by complementing the Usui Reiki tradition with the healing properties of crystals and calming sound to create a powerful, integrated healing experience.


Reiki healing promotes a shift in your vibration and improves the flow of energy both inside and around your body. For over a century, this Japanese energy healing technique has been known to help people relax, alleviate pain, and mitigate the symptoms of various dis-eases and conditions.
Reiki stimulates your body’s natural ability to heal itself, and has been especially effective at reducing pain, relieving anxiety, managing fatigue, easing depression, diminishing headaches, fighting insomnia, and even helping overcome nausea.
When you consider all these benefits, it’s not surprising that reiki can also boost your mood and increase your self-confidence.
Reiki is a powerful and effective complement to traditional medical treatment. It does not directly cure dis-eases or illnesses. Rather, Reiki can help manage your symptoms and improve your general well-being.
As such, it eases you along your path to discovering peace, meaning, and fulfillment.
Reiki is a revitalizing experience.


Each crystal carries a unique internal structures and most do not grow perfectly. When you shop for a crystal, you will notice that no crystal is exactly the same. This makes each crystal unique in the energy it carries and its healing properties.


Crystal Reiki Healing combines these two healing modalities to create a more powerful, well-rounded session for you as the client. The healing properties of the crystals combined with the energy of Reiki begin the shift in your vibration, allowing you to attract more healing.
Our body’s natural state is healthy. Most of our physical issues are often connected to our blocked emotions and thought patterns. Crystal Reiki Healing is the process of returning your body to its natural state of health.

During your session, you may experience warm or tingling sensations. You may visualize colors, pictures and pure relaxation.

I am available for sessions in person or over the Internet.

Wishing you peace and happiness!

Endorsed by Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray, Spiritual Teacher & Bestselling Author of Raise Your Vibration

The peaceful sage


Learn How I Can Help Today

Guidance Sessions

Dive deep into the wisdom and guidance of your higher self, your angels & guides, your energy and your natal chart.

Crystal Reiki Healing

Begin the shift in your vibration, improves the flow of energy inside and around the body, creating relaxation, pain reduction, encouraging healing and reducing other symptoms of dis-ease.


Unlock your energy and allow the Universe to work its magic through you in meaningful ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are two options for our time together; Zoom or In-Person at my office in Cave Creek, AZ or Palm Springs, CA. 

Zoom, a user-friendly app/program that allows us to chat face-to-face anywhere convenient for you. When you book your session, you will receive a confirmation email that will include all the information for our time together, including a link to our Zoom session. A few minutes before our scheduled session, you can click the link and we will be connected. You are not required to install the app in order to use it. If you have any concerns about connecting via Zoom or would prefer to do a phone session without video, please email me. 

In-Person, shortly after scheduling your session, you will receive a confirmation email that will include all the information for our time together, including the address for our in-person session in Cave Creek, Arizona or Palm Springs, California.

I facilitate a safe space to heal and grow. During our session, you can expect honesty, integrity, and spiritual guidance. I will teach you how to use meditation, affirmations, and creative visualization to achieve the breakthrough you are looking for. Remember, all guidance is rooted in love, truth and integrity.

Everything is energy. Angels & Guides are the highest vibration of energy. When we meet, I will connect with your energy which opens the channels to connect with angels and the spirit world. It’s through this exchange of energy that I am given visions, feelings, and thoughts that help guide you on your path. I also use my Angel Cards to complement the guidance.

It’s natural to feel scared. Together, we will create a safe space to overcome your fears. The
angels don’t ever give bad news – they are loving beings who are here to guide and help us to
be our best self.

Yes, when you are open to the process, the guidance you receive will help you to heal and bring balance into your life. Together, we will set your intention to allow the angels to guide you on the
highest path.

  • All sessions are confidential and between us.
  • All sessions will only be performed on anyone over the age of 18, unless parental permission is given or accompanied by a parent.
  • All sessions will not be used as a substitute for medical advice and no medical advice will be given.
  • I will always have my client’s best interest at heart.
  • Sessions can be emotional, please be in your best mindset when attending.

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