Up Coming Events

New Year's Manifesting Event| Jan 22

Learn how to manifest your intentions for 2022! Start this New Year out with abundance and positivity. This event will include a Manifesting Practice, creating our own Tibetan Prayer flags, a Burning Ceremony and More.

Self Care Saturday - Mini Retreat| Feb 05

Join us for an Outdoor Yoga Class from 10-11am and then relax and receive Reiki and a Sound Bath from 11am to Noon.

The Chakra Full Moon & Burning Ceremony| Feb 16

It’s time to cleanse, balance and recharge our Chakras! At this Full Moon Ceremony our Spiritual Coach will guided us through a Chakra Balancing. We will also learn about this amazing energy system and how to balance them on our own. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🤍

The External Chakras Full Moon & Burning Ceremony | March 16

Many of us are familiar with our 7 Main Internal Chakras but did you know we also have External Chakras that assist us in connecting to our intuition & power. At this Full Moon Ceremony, we’ll learn how to connect to these powerful energy points! 

Past Events

Customer Love

Pasquale was absolutely amazing, the environment is very professional but also very comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable about astrology and everything spiritual I trust what he told me 100%. I will definitely be coming back it was an awesome experience!

    Olivia S

Jennifer Washington

"Amazing sessions every time. I highly recommend The Peaceful Sage if you are looking for any spiritual guidance and communication about your life path. I’m always satisfied after every session and can’t thank Pasquale enough for his support."

Michelle Krahmalkov Gordon

"I met Pasquale at a seminar many years ago. His positive energy is palpable and authentic. He is incredibly gifted and skilled. Pasquale always has new ideas to share with me-and all of them are wonderful and helpful. There are plenty of psychics, mediums and energy healers available to employ, but none that I’ve found better than this. Pasquale is a true blessing."