Chakras – Portals to Fulfillment

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You have the right to be happy. Best yet – you can seize that happiness and lead a more meaningful and fulfilling life. It’s all a matter of getting in touch with your spirituality and understanding your Chakras. Spirituality is not confined to traditional religious beliefs. Rather, it involves connecting with the energy that flows […]

Give Your Kids a More Relaxing Holiday Season

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The Holiday Season is filled with music, parties, social events, family get-togethers and a joyful disruption of our usual routines. It’s a wondrous time of year. Still, many people are stricken with gradually increasing anxiety as we move toward the year-end holidays. This can be especially true for children. Why are children stressed during the […]

How to Stay Grounded This Holiday Season

Stay Grounded

We are officially entering into the holiday season and with this time of year comes busy schedules, regular traffic jams, and an abundance of family get-togethers. While the holidays can bring fun and light into your life, there is a certain level of stress surrounding these couple of months that can cause you to feel […]

Strengthening Intuition

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As humans, we often go through challenges or seasons of uncertainty. These times can leave us lost, confused, or anxious – which often throws us off balance or causes us to feel out of touch with our intuition. It’s true that life would be easier if we had the answers to all of our questions or […]

EGO vs. Intuition

EGO vs. Intuition

When you are making any type of decision – big or small – it is typical to ask for advice from those you love and trust. If you have ever been in this situation, you have most likely heard the phrase, “Just go with your instinct.” Our instinct, or intuition, can guide us in our […]

What is Crystal Reiki Healing

Crystals each carry unique internal structures and most do not grow perfectly. When you shop for a crystal, you will notice that no crystal is exactly the same. This makes each crystal unique in the energy it carries and its healing properties.

Energy Clearing & Cleansing: What It Is & Why You Should Do It

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Have you ever felt that something in your home felt a little off? Maybe you’ve experienced strange energy or even a lack of balance in your life. Many people don’t realize that the spaces we live in play a massive role in our wellbeing, and it’s so important to keep these spaces peaceful, positive, and […]