Let Me Introduce Myself…

A Warm, Safe Place

I am a Spiritual Life Coach

My mission is to serve as a messenger of hope and as your guide to a happier, more meaningful, and more fulfilling life.

I deliver honest, compassionate truth with a blend of encouragement and humor to initiate your spirituality, help you attain self-love, and live a great life.

I provide you with the essential tools for getting the most out of the life that you deserve.

I am a husband and a father

I walk the same path as you. I have mastered how to walk it differently. I would like to teach you how to make your individual journey in a manner that empowers you to summon the untapped energies that reside within you.

I am a guide and a healer

My comprehensive approach to spiritual coaching integrates Angels & Guides, Astrology, Crystals, Intuition and Energy because each of my sessions focuses on your individual needs. 

Each individual benefits from guidance tailored to them and that is as unique as they are. I don’t believe in an impersonal, rubber-stamp approach to healing.

I will teach you how to claim your natural right to happiness and fulfillment.

I will teach you to manage the shadow energies that may be plaguing your sense of fulfillment with emotions like fear, anxiety, insecurity, uncertainty, unhappiness, or lack of confidence.

I will help you discover and release your individuality and genuineness.

If needed, Crystal Reiki Healing sessions will clear your energies and promote your body’s natural ability to heal itself.

I am a student

My spiritual journey began when I was young and discovered that I was intuitively connecting to the world around me. This whet my appetite to learn more and launched my quest to delve into all aspects of spirituality. I am learning and studying each day.

My clients inspire me as we interact and with their personal growth.

I practice what I preach in my everyday life.

I am a Certified Angel Mentor, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Color Energy Life Coach, Certified Crystal Energy Healer and a Certified Aura Reader.

 I have studied courses in Psychic/Intuition, Mediumship, Usui Reiki, Color Energy Coaching, Auras, Crystals, Astrology, and Angel Guidance with many noted spiritual teachers. I will share the benefits of their teachings as well as my personal awakenings along my own spiritual journey.

You are welcome here.

You are always welcome here.

I don’t judge. I promise a safe, warm, confidential place where you can learn to discover and explore your spirituality as much or as little as you prefer.

You deserve a meaningful life. My goal is to help you experience it.



I Initiate people into SPIRITUALITY, into SELF-LOVE and into LIVING A GREAT LIFE.



I use an integrative approach that includes ASTROLOGY, ANGEL CARDS & AURIC ENERGY.



Crystal Reiki Healing sessions promote the BODIES NATURAL ABILITY TO HEAL ITSELF.

Customer Love

Pasquale was absolutely amazing, the environment is very professional but also very comfortable. He is extremely knowledgeable about astrology and everything spiritual I trust what he told me 100%. I will definitely be coming back it was an awesome experience!

    Olivia S

Jennifer Washington

"Amazing sessions every time. I highly recommend The Peaceful Sage if you are looking for any spiritual guidance and communication about your life path. I’m always satisfied after every session and can’t thank Pasquale enough for his support."

Michelle Krahmalkov Gordon

"I met Pasquale at a seminar many years ago. His positive energy is palpable and authentic. He is incredibly gifted and skilled. Pasquale always has new ideas to share with me-and all of them are wonderful and helpful. There are plenty of psychics, mediums and energy healers available to employ, but none that I’ve found better than this. Pasquale is a true blessing."