The Peaceful Sage

Your Breakthrough is Here & Now

Let’s put all the pieces together and leap into your best life.

The Peaceful Sage

Your Breakthrough is Here & Now

Let’s put all the pieces together and leap into your best life.


The PeaceFul Sage


Hello, my name is Pasquale, and I help mindful individuals take the right steps to manifest what they truly want in their life. I am a father, husband, spiritual coach, energy healer, and psychic based in Arizona. I offer psychic readings and spiritual coaching sessions in person and world wide through ZOOM. 

I believe integrity, kindness, and compassion are the keystones of a great life. I have been blessed with clairvoyance(clear-sight), claircognizance (clear-knowledge), and clairsentience (empathy or clear-feeling) as well as a passion for helping others rise to meet their most authentic and joyful lives.

In addition to my connection with Spirit and psychic gifts, I am trained in the use of Reiki and Auric Color Energy. I am passionate about helping you find calm and balance in all areas of your life and empowering you to grow personally, mentally, physically, spiritually, and professionally. I provide Animal Energy Healing as well. Because animals are energy beings, they can benefit from healing sessions just as much as we can. 

I draw on my psychic abilities and personal knowledge in every session to gently guide you through any challenges or new discoveries in your life. I use a variety of integrative approaches that include: reading your natal chart, using color therapy, and psychic readings that contribute to bringing balance and new solutions in your life.

With these gifts and practices, I facilitate a healing space where I tune in to your energy and psychically receive guidance from your angels while uncovering messages that will help you overcome any blocks you presently may be experiencing

During my psychic readings and coaching sessions, you can expect the guidance of angel cards, the soothing energy of love and honesty, and a safe space to heal and grow.

The real power is hidden within you, and together we will uncover it by combining the Astro-Angelic psychic reading with spiritual coaching. We will create an action plan with tangible steps that will help you heal, recenter yourself, and shift your life. I will coach you on using meditation, affirmations, and creative visualization to bring both meaning and success into your life.

As a parent, I love teaching my children to live in a spiritually connected way. I encourage them to use color therapy to overcome any hurdles in their life.

I live in Cave Creek, Arizona, and enjoy hikes with my husband and children as well as stargazing during meteor showers.

From my heart to yours, let’s connect!

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