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Hello, my name is Pasquale, and I help mindful individuals take the right steps to manifest what they truly want in their life. I am a father, husband, spiritual coach, energy healer, and psychic based in Arizona. I offer psychic readings and spiritual coaching sessions in person and world wide through ZOOM.

I believe INTEGRITY, KINDNESS, and COMPASSION are the keystones of a great life. I have been blessed with clairvoyance(clear-sight), claircognizance (clear-knowledge), and clairsentience (empathy or clear-feeling) as well as a passion for helping others rise to meet their most authentic and joyful lives.

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Guidance Sessions

Dive deep into the wisdom and guidance of your higher self, your angels & guides, your energy and your natal chart. Receive messages that are healing, guiding and empowering to you for your journey in this lifetime.

Crystal Reiki Healing

Begin the shift in your vibration, improves the flow of energy inside and around the body, creating relaxation, pain reduction, encouraging healing and reducing other symptoms of dis-ease.


Unlock your energy and allow the Universe to work its magic through you in meaningful ways. Let’s put all the pieces together & awaken your divine gifts, create a spiritual practice that’s just for you and lead you to your true life!

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